Opportunities with Manchester Met Students

In the Faculties of Health and Education at Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Met) around 2000 students get Work Based Learning experience between January and June every year. These experiences are wide ranging and the University are constantly looking for new ways in which their students can contribute to the local community while putting their skills into practice. The activity is very flexible and students can commit from 50 hours up to 6 months and beyond.

The recent pandemic has made it harder than ever for charities and other organisations that rely on volunteers and Manchester Met are hoping to help. Ways students can help include volunteering posts, advocate roles for awareness and completing projects remotely or in person.

Some of the projects that students have completed over the last year have included marketing/awareness campaigns, fundraising activity, wellbeing programmes, nutrition and positive mental health masterclasses as well as research to support programmes or develop new activity.

If any of the above would be useful to you or you have another idea of how the University could support you please get in touch with Adam Hugill (a.hugill@mmu.ac.uk) to arrange a call or virtual meeting at your convenience.

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