Personal Assistant in Care recruitment campaign

Many people who receive a direct payment personal budget can choose to employ Personal Assistants in Care (PAs) to help them live independently, happily and healthily. The people who have a personal budget may have a physical or learning disability or other health condition which means they need support with their day to day needs. 

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) estimates there are 700 Personal Assistant in Care vacancies at any one time, with a total workforce of over 8,000 PAs needed to support all those with learning or physical disabilities or other health conditions who require help with day to day life. However, these employers – disabled people, or families – can struggle with finding PAs when they need them. 

Awareness and visibility of the PA role is low, so people do not consider it as a career option, unless they have some existing personal connection, or happen to come across an advert for a specific opportunity. However, PAs are the second largest adult social care workforce and we are currently seeing more people come onto the job market, from hospitality and retail, who might make good PAs, but probably wouldn’t know about the opportunity, or where to find vacancies. Working with partners across the region, the GMHSCP have developed a website, and supporting materials to make it easier to market the role of a PA across GM. 

It would be appreciated if you could promote these opportunities to you contacts and networks across GM. 


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