Please let us know of VCSE organisations who are at risk of closing

As part of GMCVO's response to Covid-19, we have tried to make the case to government for more emergency funding for local Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations, and have explained that without this we expect there to be closures, just when they are most needed most. See GM VCSE leaders letter to the chancellor here.

However, we fear that the government do not appreciate/believe the severity of the situation and we currently lack examples of lost organisations to prove this to them.

If we have any warning that any VCSE organisation is at high risk of closing soon, we can try to help. If it is too late, we still need to know - it might help us save others.

Please let us know if your organisation, or any organisation you are aware of is either at risk of closing, or has already closed. It only takes a minute using this simple form.

Thank you.

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