Please submit a suggestion to the Bee Network parklets consultation

Calling all cyclists, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts. Chris Boardman’s team at GMCA and TfGM are looking to create new ‘Parklets’ on the Bee Network and have set up an online consultation. Details can be found at

Parklets – and the slightly larger ‘pocket parks’ – are effectively small, park-like spaces that can provide seating, greenery, cycle parking, cycle hire, or cycle tools / stations. A new parklet and pocket park were opened in Stockport the other week.

These parklets will be an integral part of the Bee Network – a proposed 1,000 mile cycling and walking network in Greater Manchester. They will make walking and cycling around the city region easier and simpler, providing spaces to rest and relax, as well as to park your bike.

Please have a think about your local areas – whether that’s where you live (if in GM), somewhere you know or visit, or work – and think about where you would like to see a new parklet or pocket park? You can submit all your ideas (the more the merrier) to MappingGM using the little comment button on the left hand side of the map here. You can also view the confirmed Bee Network, the proposed Bee Network and the already proposed parklets on the same map. All suggestions are validated to ensure they don’t contain swearing or offensive language etc. As a result, suggestions don’t appear immediately on the public map.

Visit the site, suggest a location and you may very well see a popup parklet there in the near future!

VCSE organisations may also wish to look at and use the maps and information contained at MappingGM which contains information about poverty, population, infrastructure, services and communities. If you want to know more about your area – take a look.

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