Rebuilding Income Streams: A new programme for social impact organisations

The Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) have launched their 'Rebuilding Income Streams' programme, which takes place between 24th September and 15th October 2021. 

This programme has been designed for leaders of social impact organisations, whether their income is based on trading, donations, sponsorship or grants.

It will allow you to review your current business model in light of new trading realities, whilst connecting you with your peers who are going through similar challenges.

What you will get out of the programme:

  • Review your current enterprise model in the light of new trading realities

  • Evaluate your assets and their fit with the needs of customers and beneficiaries

  • Explore the concept of an Enterprising Mindset

  • Identify different sources of finance for growth

  • Examine different Growth Tools and how they might be applied to your evolving business model

  • Explore partnership working as a route to increasing social impact and income generation

It is a virtual programme, with three live facilitated Zoom sessions, and a host of online resources to complement your self-directed learning.

For more information on the programme, visit the SEA website here

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