Refresh of the VCSE Accord

The original GM VCSE Accord was signed in November 2017 by the Mayor of Greater Manchester on behalf of the GMCA, with several hundred representatives of the VCSE sector. Similarly, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and the VCSE sector in GM was signed in January 2017, setting out a new way for VCSE organisations and the health and social care sector to work together.

The new GM VCSE Accord will set out an agreement between the Greater Manchester Mayor, Combined Authority and the Greater Manchester Integrated Care System with the VCSE sector, based on a relationship of trust.

The GM VCSE Leadership Group have already begun the process of reviewing and renewing the Accord and MoU into a single, forward facing agreement, building on the substantial engagement undertaken with our sector to produce the VCSE Policy Paper, which was published in January 2020 and sets out a 10 year vision for the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester. The new Accord will also take into account our learning and reflections from the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 report of the GM Independent Inequalities Commission, the Marmot report ‘Building Back Better in Greater Manchester’, and the development of the GM Integrated Care System (ICS).

The agreement is underpinned by our shared vision for the city region as set out in the Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) – which is also being refreshed and renewed following its original publication in 2017. The Accord will act as a framework for the VCSE sector’s role in the delivery of the GMS vision and in the thematic strategies and delivery plans that exist to deliver the GMS vision. The VCSE sector will be involved in the development, governance and delivery of the GMS including co-design of relevant activities.

Over the next month the GM VCSE Leadership Group will facilitate engagement sessions across all local infrastructure organisations and key GM VCSE networks, as well as with the GMCA, ICS and other key public sector partners. The purpose of these sessions is to share ideas and the current draft with you for feedback and explore what should be prioritised and highlighted in the new Accord.

The intention is to join existing networks, spaces and meetings to have these discussions, which can either be supported by a member of the Accord working group or self-facilitated using this discussion document which should be emailed to

If you are hosting any networks or meetings in July with space on the agenda for this discussion, please contact with details.

View the draft VCSE Accord

View a presentation explaining the VCSE Accord

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