Research participants required

Dr Alex Hall from the University of Manchester has been awarded funding from the GM Ageing Hub and MICRA to explore financial capacity with older adults.

Alex is interested in speaking with groups of older adults who have an interest in this topic, either from personal experience or from general interest:

  • Older adults with cognitive impairment (e.g. from dementia or stroke)
  • Family members or friends who are carers for older adults with cognitive impairment
  • People who have had experience of difficulties with financial capacity, either personally or as a carer
  • Older adults who have a general interest in this topic
  • People from diverse cultural backgrounds

Participants will not be asked to disclose any information about their personal financial circumstances. Participants will be reimbursed for their time and their travel expenses. Sessions will last two hours, but there is flexibility to have shorter sessions.

If you know of any interested older volunteers or are an older volunteer, please contact Alex on or 0161 306 7667

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