Sad news about Cllr. Kieran Quinn

Our sector has lost a friend. We are very sorry and sad to hear of the loss of Kieran Quinn, who died unexpectedly over Christmas. Kieran was the Leader of Tameside Council and very active in the GMCA and devolution. He had just enthusiastically accepted the new GMCA portfolio for collaboration with the VCSE sector and co-operatives, and had started to talk with us about how to bring the Accord to life. He was the ideal person for the job, since his focus is on the economy and he understood the deep connections between economic, social and political inclusion and the potential role of a stronger citizen-led "social economy"; he has always supported our sector in Tameside. Altogether he was a very nice, decent, clever and hard-working man. There will be many tributes to him from his community and the public sector. We in the VCSE sector have also lost a real friend.

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