Seeking VCSE leaders who are experts in Equality and System Change

Since its inception in November 2017, the VCSE Mental Health Leadership group has become an integral part of the Greater Manchester Mental Health structures. 
Recent developments (the establishment of the System Lead for VCSE Integration role, the proposed changes to the partnership’s mental health infrastructure, the refreshed role for the VCSE within the ICS and local delivery and the responses to both the NHS white paper and GM Inequalities Commission) have led to a third evolution of the group and a renewed focus on our five existing priorities (system change, holistic services, voice, equality and radical commissioning). 

We are now seeking two priority leads to join the group, one for equality and one for system change.

We are looking for experts in either of these two areas who are currently working within VCSE organisations operating across Greater Manchester (or in one of its ten localities). Your role would be to inform and shape our thinking about the priority area in question, co-chair a working group focusing on System Change and represent the group (and therefore the sector) on a number of key Greater Manchester boards and meetings. We are about shaping the agenda and changing the narrative. If system change and/or equality is your passion, this is an opportunity to be able to drive on real change. 

The Time commitment will vary enormously, and we are reticent to put a stringent figure on it. There is the monthly meeting however, in the end, the level and intensity of commitment is up to you. The key facets we seek are the ability to lead and the ability to see beyond your organization (we call this organizational agnosticism). There is remuneration of £2,000 per year for your employing organization.

For further details please contact Stewart Lucas at or go to   to access the relevant Expression of Interest form for each of the respective positions. 

The deadline for the submission of Expressions of Interest for these positions HAS NOW CLOSED. 

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