Share your experiences of and thoughts on racism for new video

Equality and Diversity UK is always working to raise awareness of how to effectively eradicate racism and to supporting the development of anti-racist strategies. They want to support you in telling your stories and hearing your suggestions for beginning the journey for eradicating racism. They would like to work with you to share your lived experiences and thoughts about how racism impacts lives, affects, well-being and reduces productivity – perhaps on your life, or that of your family, friends and community – and how we can work to eradicate it though partnership working/learning. They ask that you share your lived experiences and use your voices toraise awareness and to support change by recording a short video (60-90 seconds) on your phone/tablet/Ipad with lived experiences, poetry, thoughts, graphics, words, interviews…. whatever works for you. You may want to look at what others have included in their stories, their style and the points they make. If you do, visit this link for inspiration/ideas:

What happens next?

Equality and Diversity UK will bring all the contributions together into a structured video which will be shown at a series of events during Black History Month in October 2021.

They hope the video will raise awareness and inspire a genuine dialogue about how we can develop strong/robust straties for eradicating racism through anti- racist work.

Please accept the invitation and work with Equality and Diversity UK to create a diverse and powerful picture, with many voices, that will grab people’s attention and make a positive difference.

When: The deadline is Monday 31 May 2021

How: Create your story and send it to:

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