Share your health engagement work with the Core20PLUS5 project

Core20PLUS5 is a national initiative aimed at addressing health inequalities. The Caribbean & African Health Network (CAHN) is running a Core20PLUS5 project in Greater Manchester working with the Caribbean and African community to gather lived experiences that would feed into codesigning and coproducing pathways across core health conditions.  

This survey aims to gather information about health engagement projects/activities/events that have taken place between Primary Care (GP practices) and the Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector over the last few years in Greater Manchester. 

The five clinical areas of Core20PLUS5 are:  

  1. Cancer 

  2. Maternity 

  3. Severe mental illness (SMI)

  4. Hypertension 

  5. Chronic respiratory disease - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

In line with the scoping for best practice, you are encouraged to respond to the questions in the survey below  and share any material or resources with that your organisation has developed with PCN and GPs in the last 10 years. Please note if you have undertaken health related activities/events with primary care that does not focus on the 5 areas, CAHN would still be keen to hear about your project or activity.

Participate in the survey here

Find out more about Core20PLUS5 on the NHS website.

If you have any queries about this survey please contact Peace Sunmono at or 07710 022382.

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