SME employer toolkit: A supportive approach to recruiting apprentices

The toolkit guiudance is relevant to all 
SMEs - irrespective of location

The GM's Hidden Talent team have published a new employer toolkit for SMEs looking to recruit apprentices.  This toolkit reflects the content of our original toolkit but in parts has a distinct focus on the recruitment of apprentices.

The toolkit was produced in partnership with Salford City Council and does contain Salford-specific information about where to find young people, and where to advertise opportunities. However, the recruitment practice guidance is relevant to all SMEs - regardless of their location.

Because all apprenticeship vaccancies should be listed on the Government 'Find an apprenticeship' website, the toolkit walks through how to use this platform in a way that ensures adverts and job decriptions appeals to - and do not exclude - a diverse range of young people. 

The toolkit contains additional guidance on candidate communication (notifying and providing feedback), selection processes and inductions.

The toolkit was introduced at a Salford City Council event:  â€˜Building your future workforce together’ event, that brought SMEs together to discuss the funding, recruitment and business development support available to businesses hosting / looking to host apprentices.




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