A statement to the VSCE sector on behalf of public sector commissioners in GM

A statement has been issued jointly by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and covers work with the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector that is funded by both organisations. It is intended to complement statements of support to the VCSE sector already issued by districts in Greater Manchester.

The statement reassures GM VCSE organisations that the public sector will stand with them during this unprecedented period and will work in partnership to enable them to focus on their vital work supporting some of the most vulnerable people across Greater Manchester. The new Greater Manchester VCSE Commissioning Framework and Delivery Plan, agreed between the Joint Commissioning Board and VCSE Devolution Reference Group, will guide their approach. 

The statement sets out the help that will be given to the VCSE sector by the public sector in the coming months, including making more regular or upfront payment of existing grants where possible and â€˜rolling over’ recurrent grants for next year without the need for formal applications. VCSE organisations will be given the freedom to use their funding where they feel it will have the most impact and not be tied to previously agreed delivery targets or outcomes wherever possible.  

This is a really welcome and positive message for our sector to receive at this time.

To read the statement in full, click here.

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