Study: Immigrant Inclusion Experiences in the Brexit and Trump Eras

Beth, Katz, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland would like to invite you and others involved with immigrant inclusion efforts in the UK to take part in her research.  
Currently, Beth is building on her ten years of experience as the founder and executive director of a social inclusion NGO for a PhD focused on how immigrant inclusion organisations in the UK and the US are perceiving and adapting to the national government’s approach to immigration in the Brexit and Trump eras. 
The research is designed to illuminate challenges and opportunities that immigrant inclusion organisations encounter and how they message, resource, and carry out their vital work during this time. This research can add greater clarity about what is happening how it is affecting those who are directly involved with or want to support these efforts.  
The hope is that it will also enhance collaboration and connectivity among the different networks of practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and funders working on immigrant inclusion in the UK and the US. 

The survey should take approximately 25-30 minutes and your responses will be securely stored.  Click here to access an information sheet with more details about the survey and how it will be used. 

You can take the online survey here

The survey will be open until Saturday, 12th December 2020.  

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