Support for organisations to make informed decisions about energy efficient initiatives

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), are funding a project offering small/medium sized organisations free expert guidance on a range of energy efficient works and installations that will help to reduce energy bills and contribute to the zero-carbon ambition for Greater Manchester.

We are looking for charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises that are considering  energy efficent works or installations in their building to participate in the project which is delivered by a collaboration of organisations from the public, private and VCSE sector, including GMCVO.

The project is designed to cover the cost of the technical support that will enable you to make informed investment in energy efficient measures (e.g. new boilers, replacement lights, insulation etc.). It does not include the cost of the installation of the measures. All capital spend, installation and ongoing maintenance of initiatives will be your responsibility.

Split into two phases, the first phase of the project is a feasibility study of how to build a pipeline of investable energy efficiency initiatives in organisations across Greater Manchester, and hopefully finding common approaches that can be added together into a bundle of works to make make them more financially viable. If the Phase 1 study can demonstrate that the approach removes barriers for organisations to improve their energy efficiency then there is an option for us to bid for funding for Phase 2 which will be to further support the pipeline of projects to realise the appropriate energy efficiency works and benefits.


There are a number of requirements for inclusion in the project:

  • Must be a small/medium sized organisation (fewer than 250 staff, less than £25m turnover and less than £12.5m assets)

  • Must be an owner occupier of the building or on a long lease

  • Must commit to seeking funding (internally or externally) to do the energy efficient works

  • Must aim to contract the works before end 2020

  • Must be happy to share information about the building, pattern of use and service costs with the project partners

What kind of energy efficient measures are we talking about?

The type of energy efficient works will relate to the building type and use.  They may include:

  • Building/fabric energy efficiency

  • Air tightness including entrance areas

  • Window replacement 

  • Insulation measures 

  • LED lighting and controls 

  • Energy consumption and benchmarking against similar buildings

  • Digital control, optimisation, installations etc.

  • Metering, sub metering and dashboard reporting

  • Increased ventilation systems including natural and mechanical ventilation

  • Variable volume heating and cooling

  • Renewable energy options such as Solar PV (Photo Voltaics), solar thermal etc.

  • Battery storage and electric vehicles

  • Ground or air source heat pumps

  • Note that the fund won't pay for any of these  to be purchased, installed or maintained

What support can you expect?

Organisations that fit the project profile will receive the following:

  • Phase 1 will include technical and commercial expertise to identify the most effective works to maximise energy efficiency for different types of buildings

  • An assessment of the benefits of the works and potential for reduced costs by putting it into a bundle of financially viable energy efficient projects across participant organisations.

  • Phase 2 (if successful) will include detailed energy audits, technical feasibility studies, development of the business case, and securing of (framework) contracts to deliver the actual energy efficient works in 2020 and beyond

Phase 1 has a tight timescale to demonstrate the business case for the programme by the end of November 2019. Our challenge is to identify a pipeline of buildings across Greater Manchester that would benefit from energy efficiency measures. If you are interested in receiving the support offered and meet the eligibility criteria above then please complete the Expression of Interest before 20th September 2019.

Click here to complete the Expression of Interest.

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