Survey: Mobilising Volunteers Effectively during the pandemic

The Mobilising Volunteers Effectively (MoVE) project, run by a partnership between the Universities of Sheffield, Hull and Leeds, secured funding earlier this year from UK Research and Innovation to investigate the mobilisation of volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

As part of their research, they have put together a short survey to try and understand the dynamics of volunteer supply during the pandemic. MoVE wants to hear from local authorities and voluntary sector organisations and groups, about the dynamics of volunteer supply and demand during the coronavirus pandemic. 

This short survey can be accessed by clicking on this link, it should take less than 10 minutes to complete. 

Your responses will help MoVE to capture important lessons about volunteer mobilisation, to help localities prepare for any future lockdowns or periods of social restriction. Please do share and we will update you through this newsletter on the next stages of the research and how you can get involved.

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