Take part in a GM Improving Specialist Care Patient and Public Reference Group

The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) took charge of the health and social care spending and decision making three years ago across Greater Manchester, aiming to achieve the biggest, fastest improvement to the health and wellbeing in our region.

It is known that good health and wellbeing are crucial if Greater Manchester is going to be made one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old. Much progress has been made, however, there is still more to do.

In order for people to live the healthiest and most independent lives possible, support needs to be available from local services, as well as from the very best hospital services for those who need more specialist care, in order to enable people to continue living well from home. 

GMHSCP's Improving Specialist Care (ISC) Programme has been looking at a key set of hospital-based services which are fragile, unsustainable or vary in the outcomes they deliver and believe that they require a Greater Manchester solution to ensure sustainability and the best outcomes for patients.

The areas that are being explored as possible Greater Manchester wide services are:

•          Benign Urology (which is non-cancerous disease of male and female urinary system and male reproductive organs)

•          Cardiology (which is the branch of medicine that treats diseases and defects of the heart)

•          Respiratory (which treats diseases of the lungs and structures associated with breathing)

•          Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedics (which is treatment of muscles, bones, or joints)

•          Paediatric Surgery (which is planned surgery for infants, children, and adolescents)

•          (in hospital) Breast services

•          Vascular (which treats conditions of the blood vessels e.g. arteries and veins) and

•          Neuro-Rehabilitation (which is treating injury or disease of the nervous system)

The GMHSCP are working with doctors, nurses and a wide range of health care professionals to advise on how this might look from a clinical perspective. Patients, carers, the community and voluntary sector are also sharing their views and informing the GMHSCP on what they feel is good about using specialist services and highlighting where improvement can be made. This collective thinking is helping to shape services for the future.  

The GMHSCP have a Patient and Public Reference Group established which comprises of members of the public from across Greater Manchester, Healthwatch organisations, and wider community voluntary sector organisations that provide advice and support to local people, families, carers in many of the service areas under review.  If your organisation would like to be part of the Patient and Public Reference Group please contact the Programme Engagement Lead Jackie Robinson at jackie.robinson7@nhs.net

The next meeting is planned for Wednesday 11th March 10.30am-1.00pm, Conference Room, Whitworth Locke, 74 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6JD


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