Third Sector Trends Study in North West England 2022

Durham University are conducting another Third Sector Trends Study. This study of voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises, cooperatives, societies and clubs started in 2010 and the last one was in 2019.  

A lot has happened since 2019, it's time to find out what has changed in the last three years. 

Whether your organisation or group is big or small, flourishing or struggling - or just carrying on more or less as normal - do take the time to take part so that we can build a picture of what is happening locally, what has changed since 2016 and 2019 and what you think is going to happen next. This information will help funders make good decisions on how to invest in the sector.

It's quick, interesting, easy to do. You can do it on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. 

Click here to take part in the Third Sector Trends survey

All answers are securely stored completely anonymously and confidentially.   

If you want to know more about the study, contact Professor Tony Chapman, St Chad's College, Durham University, 18 North Bailey, Durham DH1 3RH,


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