UK Black Pride’s 2022 Community Action Fund

Through the Community Action Fund, UK Black Pride will distribute funding to organisations supporting LGBTQI+ Black people and people of colour across the UK. Based on the findings of their survey carried  out in survey 2021, We will be Heard, UK Black Pride has established four thematic areas for the Community Action Fund:

  • spaces, places and visibility;

  • mental and emotional wellbeing;

  • safety in public spaces,

  • and the workplace.

The fund is open to applicants from community groups, organisations, charities with less than a £1m annual turnover, religious groups or individuals providing they are based in the UK and have a bank account with a UK address. Funding for successful projects will be awarded in April 2022 and proposed activities will need to be delivered by 31 October 2022.

To find out more or to apply, click here

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