Upcoming seminar on Covid-19 and Social Exclusion

GMCVO-led programme Ambition for Ageing are delighted to share the details of their upcoming semianr on Covid-19 and Social Exclusion: Experiences of Older People Living in area of Multiple Deprivation.

Speakers: Chris Phillipson, Luciana Lang and Sophie Yarker - Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester)

When: Wednesday 14th July, 2pm - 3pm

Where: Online (Zoom) - details to be shared to attendees prior to the seminar

The seminar will present an overview of a research project examining the impact of COVID-19 on 102 older people aged 50 and over living across Greater Manchester, the majority of whom were interviewed three times during 2020 and early 2021. The study sample comprised four ethnic/identity groups: Black Caribbean, South Asian, White, and LGBT+.

The presentation will review the way older people managed everyday life under three successive lockdowns, highlighting pressures facing particular groups, including South Asian women, and single men.

The seminar will present a number of recommendations for COVID-19 recovery planning, including strengthening the community organisations around which the response to the pandemic has been built; supporting mutual aid networks which have emerged during the pandemic; recruiting ‘community advocates’ to ensure isolated individuals gain access to services and support; and encouraging region-wide discussions aimed at sharing lessons learnt in responding to COVID-19.

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