VCSE Organisations sign up to MoU with H&SC Partnership - have you signed yet?

Update 5th May: 190 organsations have now signed

Over 170 organisations from the VCSE Sector in Greater Manchester have already signed the MoU with the Health and Social Care Partnership, undertaking to build on the strength of existing relationships and to work within a set of principles.

Please click on the attachment below to see the list of organisations who have already signed (as at 5th May 2017).

There will also be a formal signing of the document on 12th May 2017 at Manchester Town Hall and we hope to be able to invite a number of VCSE organsations to attend.  If you would be interested in being present for the this signing, then please ensure you sign the MoU asap as we will be sending invitations out next week, once we know how many organisations we can invite.

If you have yet signed the MoU, you can do so here.


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