Volunteers Week 2022 - share your volunteer stories

NCVO want to provide a platform for the voices of volunteers during Volunteers Week 2022 (1st-7th June)  and are looking for case studies to share.

They want impactful short stories from both volunteers and from organisations who work with volunteers. The stories should reference Volunteers’ Week and what the week means to the volunteer and/or organisation but should importantly have a personal or unique angle on the volunteering being undertaken.

Due to the short timeframe they are working to this year, they are requesting stories/quotes or comments in the following formats:
1.    A short 200-300 word piece on Volunteers’ Week, with accompanying photos, from volunteers or organisations 
2.    A quote about Volunteers’ Week, with accompanying photos, from volunteers
3.    A quote about Volunteers’ Week, with accompanying photos, from organisations
4.    A thank you from organisations to volunteers with a short quote on the impact they have made during the coronavirus pandemic

They'd also like to have one story to highlight the days of Volunteers’ Week 2022, that talks about the experience of volunteering and volunteers and gets people excited and engaged in Volunteers’ Week. Some angles these could take but are by no means limited to:

•    Volunteer-led plans for the week
•    Volunteer impact or experience during the coronavirus pandemic
•    Showing volunteering in different or unlikely settings
•    Stories highlighting the importance of community and volunteers to their communities
•    How people volunteer without using the word ‘volunteer!’– referring to social action or community participation 
Please note: For any stories or content you share with use, full consent must have been obtained from the subject(s) in line with current GDPR rules. Without appropriate consent NCVO will be unable to use your story or content. NCVO cannot guarantee that your case study will be shared on the Volunteers’ Week website, but we will try to share as many case studies on their social media channels where appropriate.
Deadline for content submissions: Friday 20th May, 17:00

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