What’s next for the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester?

The GM VCSE Leadership Group, with support from colleagues at the GMCA have developed a VCSE Policy Position Paper which sets out a long term ambition for the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester.

The paper builds on the Accord with Mayor of Greater Manchester and GM Combined Authority (GMCA), and the Memorandum of Understanding with the GM Health and Social Care Partnership.

It is intended to be really ambitious, describing a future role equal to those of the state and business. It sets out what our sector could bring over the next 25 years to Greater Manchester people and communities, and what would need to be done to enable it, including investment.

The draft Executive Summary can be viewed online here or downloaded as a PDF below. 

During August and September 2019 a consultation took place, inviting the VCSE, public and private sector to have their say on the paper. Feedback was encouraged via an online survey as well as a number of events/workshops which took place at locality and GM level.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback, this is now being analysed and incorporated into a final version of the paper.

Once the paper is finalised, an ‘implementation and transformation plan’ will be developed in each of the 10 localities as well as for Greater Manchester. The action plans will vary, but will all be co-designed with relevant partners within the broad framework set out in this Paper. 

You can view some of the feedback given at the GM VCSE Assembly on 26th September in the videos below;

Do you agree with the ‘offer’ of the VCSE sector as described in the paper?

Have we described the right reasons for transforming and improving the VCSE sector?

Can you identify with the idea of the VCSE sector as an ‘ecosystem'?

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