White Paper on Unified Public Services

The White Paper on Unified Public Services for the People of Greater Manchester is one of the major strategies that underpins the Greater Manchester Strategy (see the diagram below). The paper was considered and endorsed by the full meeting of Greater Manchester Combined Authority on Friday 26th July. 

As highlighted by the Mayor, nowhere else in the country is attempting anything this significant. The White Paper will be critical in how the VCSE sector develops its relationship with public sector colleagues and provides the VCSE sector with a wide range of opportunities particularly related to ‘place based’ working and in our messages about the need to reform support and services for the public. 

This link provides the cover report with the recommendations agreed by leaders along with the final version of the White Paper.

This link provides the archive of the live stream of the meeting.

Also attached below are a set of slides which provide a useful overview of the paper and make a number of references to the VCSE sector.

GM Strategy: Our People Our Place




Spatial Framework

Independent Prosperity Review

GM Model of Public Service/Unified Public Services

Transport 2040

Local Industrial Strategy

Taking Charge next 5 Years

Housing Plan

Employment & Skills Strategy

Leading in GM

Green Summit

Good Employment Charter


VCSE Strategic Paper


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