Young people share their views on job interviews and selection processes

Members of the GM's Hidden Talent Youth Panel and young people participating in the GM's Hidden Talent programme have been sharing their views on the difficulties they encounter when applying for jobs.

In this, the first in a series of audio packages, we explore young people's opinions on job interviews. Listen to their views in the video below.

Job interviews are a daunting prospect for most of us, but, considering that over a quarter of the young people on the GM's Hidden Talent programme have not previously worked or volunteered,  attending an interview can be loaded with increased anxiety and uncertainty for this group. 

We posed questions such as: 

  • What interviews questions do you find difficult to answer or think are unnecessary?
  • What information do you need to know before you attend an interview?
  • What helps to put you at ease during an interview?

For further information on the recruitment methods that get the best out of young people (or candidates of any age for that matter - accessible recruitment practices benefit one and all!),  including more tips around interview best practice, and alternatives to traditional interviews, please see our employer toolkit



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