Youth Panel begin with Peer Evaluations

On Wednesday October 30th, the GM’s Hidden Talent Youth Panel began their rounds of Peer Evaluations. 

The Peer Evaluations involve the Youth Panel visiting Delivery Partner organisations and carrying out standardised interviews with young people currently supported on GMs Hidden Talent.

The questions will provide evidence of:

  •  What kind of support young people feel has been the most useful

  •  What kind of support young people would like more of

  •  What young people have learned / gained since working with their Talent Coach

Scott from the Youth Panel (l)  chats with a young person from The
Broughton Trust

The first visit took place at The Broughton Trust where four young people took part in an ‘evaluation chat’ (the Youth Panel wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere and did not want to call these interviews). 

Peer Evaluations form an essential part of assessing the impact of GM’s Hidden Talent.

To facilitate open and honest conversations, Talent Coaches and GM’s Hidden Talent staff are not present in the room when interviews take place. The entire evaluation process is led by the Youth Panel, who designed the interview questions and chose the feedback format (young people had the choice of written, verbal or illustrative response). The Youth Panel will also be collating findings and producing reports to be fed back to the Delivery Partners.

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