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About the voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester

This section features GMCVO research reports about the voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester, as well as reports about topics of relevance to the sector. If you would like to suggest topics for future research, please contact Susanne Martikke at or 0161 277 1031.

Greater Manchester State of the Voluntary Sector 2013
May 2013
A major research report on the social and economic impact of the voluntary sector shows that there are nearly 15,000 voluntary organisations in Greater Manchester, earning a total income of £1 billion. The findings, contained in a report by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University, also reveal that within the region’s voluntary sector over 330,000 people carried out voluntary work, valued at £947 million.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Infrastructure in the Ten Boroughs of Greater Manchester
The product of a mapping exercise conducted by GMCVO on behalf of Manchester Council for Community Relations (MCCR) in spring 2006, the report provides an insight into the types of organisations that supply infrastructure services to the BME sector and reveals patterns regarding cross-cutting issues, such as co-ordination, access, building trust and the division of labour between specialist and generalist infrastructure. The Executive Summary has been produced in hard copy format and is available from MCCR.

Commissioning Possible: Greater Manchester VCS Organisations’ Experiences in Public Sector Commissioning
November 2008
This report provides an insight into the experiences of third sector organisations and makes recommendations for improving their chances to contribute to health in Greater Manchester. The report presents key findings on the three stages of the commissioning cycle, a section on the impact of statutory funding relationships on third sector organisations, and case studies of selected organisations’ experiences. 
Going the Extra Mile: Community Transport Services and their Impact on the Health of their Users
This report found that community transport offers other benefits than simply transporting people from door to door, but that the providers often struggle to demonstrate this added value and therefore funding is rarely obtained from health sources. The research also found that third sector health and social care providers struggle with resolving the access issues of their users.

Local Area Agreements: Third Sector’s Experiences with Engaging in LAAs
This 2009 report details the findings of a survey that asked the chief officers of the ten local infrastructure organisations in Greater Manchester about their experiences with their local area agreement, the extent to which the third sector can influence these agreements and what type of support exists to enable them to do so.

On the Edge
This report highlights the themes that are perceived as shaping rural areas locally by giving an overview of rural issues in Greater Manchester, such as affordable housing, transport and changing demographics, and placing them in the context of those that have been identified at a regional and national level.

Third Sector Health Services Directory
This directory maps the contribution of around 100 VCS organisations against a care continuum from tertiary care to self care and prevention. For more information or if you want your organisation to be listed in the directory, please contact

Spinning the Spider’s Web—Mapping Greater Manchester’s Voluntary and Community Sector Infrastructure
December 2005
Funded by ChangeUp, this mapping study of Greater Manchester voluntary and community sector infrastructure outlined infrastructure organisations’ capacity, the services they provide, their funding expectations and strategies, as well as the challenge they face in supporting a sector that is increasingly expected to assume a greater role in public service delivery.

Wake Up Saddleworth!
April 2008
This report explores some of the themes originally identified in On the Edge using the Saddleworth area in Oldham as a case study, focusing on the role of the voluntary and community sector and the challenges it faces in a rural parish that is situated in a metropolitan borough.