Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Our vision and aims

The work carried out by GMCVO is underpinned and guided by our vision, aims and objectives.

Our vision is a strong, diverse and influential voluntary sector that:
• promotes social, economic and political inclusion for all;
• provides high quality support to people and communities, especially those that are disadvantaged;
• encourages the involvement and leadership of communities, both geographical and interest-based, in addressing and resolving the issues that affect them.
• improves the quality of life of local people.

Our aims are to:
• strengthen the voluntary and community sector, build bridges with other sectors, and influence local and national policy;
• support local voluntary action by local people, working in partnership with other support organisations and with the public and private sectors.

Our objectives are to:
• raise the profile of the Greater Manchester voluntary sector;
• enable Greater Manchester voluntary organisations and their clients to influence policy;
• promote partnerships within the voluntary sector and between the voluntary and other sectors;
• promote equality of opportunity and access, and to promote the value of diversity;
• make the sector and its infrastructure more sustainable;
• help to promote the needs of the people of Greater Manchester at regional and national level;
• develop the sector and improve the capacity and competence of both infrastructure and frontline voluntary organisations;
• develop leadership and professional skills within the sector.
• support and co-ordinate infrastructure services

In pursuit of these objectives, we deliver many projects and services and support a range of networks and partnerships, which are summarised here.