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Partnership Working

For reasons of history, geography and politics, GM is naturally a collaborative environment in which leaders from all sectors and backgrounds work towards common goals. GMCVO is the co-owner of the GM Strategy alongside Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Local Enterprise Partnership, symbolically demonstrating the equal value given to public, private and VCSE sectors. The VCSE sector is well networked and can act collectively, and many people ‘lead beyond their organisation’ to support our shared goals. There is growing understanding that some of our most entrenched problems cannot be solved without multi-agency alliances and the involvement of communities.

GMCVO believes in the value of partnerships, alliances and networks within and beyond our own sector and geography, and in working together in a spirit of trust. We support organisations and individuals who are willing to work together, and we work in formal partnerships with those who share our values and whose aims align with our own.  All our projects are partnerships and we are proud of our strong relationships with public sector organisations, businesses, universities and faith organisations.

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A programme helping hidden young people in Greater Manchester toward employment
A project bringing together VCSE and public sector leaders to share approaches...
A Greater Manchester ambition for a green economy and carbon-neutrality
An ethnographic study of everyday relations facilitated by community-based...

Past Partnership Working Work

A project to improve recruitment and employment opportunities for carers...
A GMCVO/MMU joint research study on co-production in the Greater Manchester...
Connecting young people, employers and organisations to change the way youth...

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