Policy and Voice


It is important that VCSE organisations are able to contribute to the development of strategy and policy within and beyond Greater Manchester, and that the role of the VCSE sector in the city region is understood, recognised and valued. So a large element of GMCVO’s work is advocating for our sector and enabling VCSE voices to be heard, as well as detailed, evidence-based input into board meetings and policy development.

GMCVO is a co-owner of the Greater Manchester Strategy “Our People, Our Place” with responsibility for leading on elements of the Implementation Plan. Alongside this is a Memorandum of Understanding with the Health and Social Care Partnership and an Accord with the GM Mayor and GMCA. We work closely with the GM VCSE Leadership Group which brings together local and GM 'infrastructure', equalities and frontline organisations to collaborate on GM-level issues.

Find out more about the strategies underpinning the work taking place in Greater Manchester and how they connect to the VCSE sector here.

Our policy and voice work includes

  • responding to GM and national strategy and policy proposals, and enabling relevant VCSE organisations to do so and/or enable their members or service users to do so;

  • publishing research and evidenced position statements based on our projects, and contributing to GM’s understanding of the role of VCSE activity and how to develop the wider social economy;

  • advocating for the VCSE sector; we take policy positions on issues that affect our VCSE sector

  • sitting on GM boards and executives, and supporting other VCSE representatives to do so;

  • speaking at meetings and events

Why are we doing it?

Often VCSE organisations have knowledge and understanding based on their specific experience and connections, which are of great value in making public policy. They can also act as ‘trusted ears’ and relay the opinions and needs of members of the public, especially those who are less likely to engage in other ways.

How can you get involved?

Attend our policy events and forums, have your say by responding to surveys and requests and read more below.

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