Access to Growth Impact Report

This impact report shares statistics and case studies on who we funded as part of our first social investment programme, Access to Growth, between July 2017 and March 2022. The programme offered loans between £10,000 and up to £150,000 for Social Enterprises, Community Business and Trading Charities in Greater Manchester, each investment combining grants with loans to help organisations grow their great ideas and social impact.

The programme made 75 investments worth over £3.2 million into 64 organisations that aim to address social needs, strengthen communities, improve people’s life chances, enhance culture or protect the environment.

GMCVO delivered Access to Growth as part of Access the Foundation’s ‘Growth Fund’. The Fund was a partnership between the National Lottery Community Fund, Big Society Capital and Access, and provided the finance that charities and social enterprises needed for growth or diversifying their business models, aimed at organisations who were unlikely to have taken on social investment before.

The support from Access, the Lottery and Big Society Capital has meant that bringing in Social Investment to support Social Enterprises, Community Businesses and Trading Charities has become a core part of GMCVO’s role in Greater Manchester. You can find out more about GM Social Investment here.

Read our impact report below to find out more about who we funded and the impact of the investments.

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