Ambition for Ageing Evaluation Report 2019

The Interim Programme Evaluation report seeks to measure the impact that GMCVO-led programme, Ambition for Ageing, has had regarding improving age-friendliness and social connections within our delivery areas.

The data presented in this report was collected through participant and volunteer questionnaires, project information anonymous events feedback, case studies, information collected from networking and learning meetings, and semi-formal interviews with project staff.

Whilst this report is largely for internal use, it may be of interest to those wanting to know the impact of the Ambition for Ageing programme so far.

Key findings of the report include;

  • Investing substantially in social infrastructure, as the Ambition for Ageing programme has, is vital for an age-friendly neighbourhood.

  • Work with local organisations to increase local collaboration and support engagement with the wider community is also vital.

  • Older people do value the opportunities they are given to connect and contribute. There are, however, still some concerns that they do not feel listened to outside of the programme.

  • There is still lots of work to do to improve the age-friendliness of neighbourhoods in GM and on people’s understanding of the term ‘age-friendly’

  • 57% of respondents have shown improvements in at least one measure of social connection, however the data suggests that the Ambition for Ageing approach may be most successful as a method of preventing social isolation, rather than for supporting those already severely isolated

Download the report below.

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