Ambition for Ageing Programme Evaluation 2020

The Ambition for Ageing Programme Evaluation 2020 report seeks to measure the impact Ambition for Ageing has had regarding improving age-friendliness and social connections within our delivery areas.

Whilst this report is largely for internal use, it may be of interest to those wanting to know the impact of the Ambition for Ageing programme following the end of delivery.

Key findings include:

  • Flexibility in funding enabled by microfunding models should be further promoted and encouraged to commissioners and in community development circles.

  • It is important to correctly value and invest in outreach workers and support staff. Project successes were dependent on having the support, guidance and mentoring provided by Local Delivery Leads within the programme.

  • Co-production involving those impacted by projects from their very inception provide interventions which are meaningful and appropriate for their target cohort whilst utilising the determination present in those involved, their skills and local contextual understanding.

  • It is important to recognise the importance of both bonding and bridging capital. Cohesion within communities and different demographics and generations can be realised through projects which promote bridging capital and have greater potential and reach to those more at risk of social isolation.

  • Intergenerational work within the over 50s age group should be better recognised and addressed, rather than viewing this age grouping as a ‘catch all’ term and presenting it as homogenous.

  • Physical space and accessibility requirements as themes for projects should not be dismissed due to the small size of project investments; AfA produced revealed preferences for themes around both indoor and outdoor spaces as well as accessibility despite small financial commitments being made.

  • Further research is required to address those who are already experiencing greater levels of social isolation. Those already most socially isolated were less likely to engage with the programme and means of overcoming this should be considered and addressed in future work.

Download the report below.

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