Barriers facing carers when seeking employment

Working Potential was an Ambition for Ageing programme that supported people with caring responsibilities, over 50, to explore employment opportunities. The programme used a coaching model to provide bespoke, holistic support suiting the differing needs of the cohort.

With learning from this programme and from fellow-GMCVO programme, Caring, Working, Living, we have developed a short briefing that looks at the barriers facing carers when seeking employment.

One in five people aged 50–64 is a carer, with many having to give up work to care. Older carers who have fallen out of work face significant barriers to getting back into employment. 

In the briefing, we share recommendation for those planning employment projects for carers, for employers, and for policy makers and local government. It is vital that barriers for carers are addressed. If we are truly to lead the way in Greater Manchester as an age-friendly and carer-friendly region, we must address the barriers preventing carers, and former carers, from entering and remaining in employment.

Download the briefing below. References and further information are also available below.

In addition, the Centre for Ageing Better used qualitative research findings undertaken by Manchester Metropolitan University from the Working Potential programme to produce two reports on supporting carers back into work and an evaluation of the programme. Both documents can read online here. 

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