Designing and restarting projects at a time of social distancing: A Toolkit

This toolkit was designed by GMCVO-led project Ambition for Ageing to help build more effective social connection projects for older people during the new operating environment of COVID-19.

The toolkit includes:

  • Design Principles and Challenges Checklist: What you need to know when designing and restarting projects at a time of social distancing. 

  • Projects compatible with social distancing: A collection of case studies of projects compatible with social distancing, including key learning.

These documents are a part of a larger report, Developing social contact models in a time of social distancing: a response to COVID-19.

The full report contains:

  • An overview of policy and some useful concepts

  • A checklist of likely challenges

  • A set of design principles that can help shape project development

  • A series of case studies that can help outline practical approaches

These documents are available together and separately at

The documents are available to download below.

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