Employer toolkit: Adapting recruitment to get the best out of young people

The GM's Hidden Talent team have published an updated version of their employer toolkit.

This learning resource provides easy-to -implement tips for employers. These can make recruitment processes more accessible for young people, ensuring a diverse range of talent is not overlooked. Although the focus is on opening up opportunity to young people with barriers to work, much of the toolkit's advice is good recruitment practice for any and all demographics. 

The revisions to the original toolkit - which we published in October 2019 - reflect the learning we have gleaned from our conversations with employers and the young people we support.

The new version is structured around five key elements of the recruitment process: establishing the correct mindset (as a recruiter), writing job adverts & specs, notifying and providing feedback, selection processes and inductions.

Cover of the employer toolkit

The toolkit asks employers to consider the following questions:

- What do they want from an entry level role, i.e. does someone need to have done the job before?

- Have they considered the benefits of employing a young person?

- Are current selection methods not allowing young people to give the best of themselves?

- Could easy-to make adjustments -made for young people with barriers to employment - actually get the best out of candidates of all ages?

- Do inductions take into account some young people have limited experience of the workplace, and may need expected behaviours to be clearly explained?

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