Gathering Insight and Understanding from the Ambition for Ageing programme

Since the beginning of the GMCVO-led programme, Ambition for Ageing, in 2015, we have been steadily gathering insights to provide us with a starting point from which to measure our impact over the coming years.

As we gain an understanding of what helps to make places better, we will be sharing this knowledge with other partners in Greater Manchester and around the UK.

As the Ambition for Ageing programme continues, we will be tracking and reporting on an ongoing basis regarding the progress we are making against our four stated outcomes:

1. Wards in which the programme is delivered are more age friendly.

2. People aged 50 or over in the designated wards have increased and improved social connections.

3. Ambition for Aging has influenced the delivery of programmes affecting people aged 50 and over in a positive way.

4. Ambition for Ageing has influenced strategy relating to people aged 50 or over, social isolation and age-friendly neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester.

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