GM Local Industrial Strategy

GMCVO's response to the draft Greater Manchester (GM) Local Industrial Strategy (LIS) and the final strategy, which was launched in June 2019.

Highlights for the VCSE sector in the final document are;

  • it contains references to voluntary and community organisations and social enterprise throughout

  • the differentiation between ‘voluntary and community’ and ‘social enterprise’ with the latter clearly recognised as a form of business

  • the explicit mention of  a new Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Strategy which "will set out how the sector can support the implementation of this industrial strategy and promote good jobs in the sector”, followed by further references such as "Greater Manchester will also create the optimum conditions for social enterprises and cooperatives to thrive”

  • the focus on place and on health, and recognition of the role of VCSE organisations within those challenges

  • the list of key contributors to the development of the LIS includes GMCVO and the GM Devolution VCSE Reference Group, alongside all the other major GM institutions.

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