GM's Hidden Talent: Year Two Peer Evaluation Report

As part of the Greater Manchester's Hidden Talent programme, the Youth Panel -  volunteers aged 18-25 who have at some point experienced barriers to employment - conducted peer evaluations. These were a series of interviews with young people receiving support from the programme's  Delivery Partners, enabling them to have their say on the coaching, mentoring, emotional and practical support they receive.

This report evaluates young people's experiences from the second year of GM's Hidden Talent's two-year delivery period (March 2019 - March 2021). The evaluations were extended to include 42nd Street, who provided a specialist mental health service for young people supported by the GMHT programme.

The report explores:

  • How young people found it to work with their Talent Coach
  • What young people personally learned, gained or developed from the programme
  • Whether or not young people would recommend working with a Talent Coach or a 42nd Street Mental Health Practitioner 
  • How Covid-19 pandemic affected young people's experience on GMHT, or their experience of working with their Talent Coach.

Because the report's responses come from peer-to-peer exchanges, we believe it provides more honest and compelling evidence than if the information had been gathered by staff at GMCVO.

To read our Year One Peer Evaluation report click here.

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