Greater Manchester Support Agency Directory

The Support Agency Directory contains details of organisations that offer support around welfare; finance; housing; wellbeing and mental health; caring; and employment across Greater Manchester. 

This directory was created as part of the Caring, Working, Living project. Caring, Working, Living was a year long Greater Manchester wide project led by GMCVO in partnership with Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce from May 2019 to May 2020. The project supported parents and carers to return to work after they had a career break due to their caring responsibilities (Returners). One of the ways we supported Returners was by sharing information about local organisations that offered the support they were interested in receiving. This document is based on this research. 

The Support Agency Directory has been published to enable Returners in Greater Manchester to have an easy way to find local organisations that offer the support they want.

Note that this this is not a live document, and will not be updated after publication. 

"Wow this is amazing thank you! I have my own sort of directory that I'd put together and really needed to update it - you guys have just provided me with a new, fabulous one!" Parent Support Advisor, SEN school in Manchester

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