Greater Manchester Wellbeing Vision

Since its inception Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has always strived to ensure that its work on mental health was far more than just treating diagnosable conditions and illnesses. There has been from the beginning a key belief that we all have mental health, in the same way that we all have physical health.

Positive mental wellbeing is key to having good mental health and the attached document states what we think a Greater Manchester of good mental wellbeing looks like. It is an aspirational and ambitious document pulled together by stakeholders from across the different systems and agencies that make up Greater Manchester. The diversity of the bodies involved in its creation mirrors the fact that good mental wellbeing is not one person or one organisations job. It cannot be achieved by simply changing something here or by providing a program there. It is about changing culture and it is about shifting attuides and assumptions.

This is Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership's vision of what the world can look like we if all do and think a little different.

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