Greater than the sum of its parts: What works in sustaining community-university partnerships

This research report uses data from interviews with members of more than 20 community university partnerships (CUPs) to examine the key features of CUPs, identify how the partners learn from each other in CUPs, explore the extent to which universities are hostile or enabling working environments for CUP working, and understand the processes that make CUPs resilient in the longer term.

The report features recommendations to those in academia and the community who are either already involved in CUPs or are interested in becoming involved, as well as to research funders.

The research was conducted by GMCVO researcher Susanne Martikke in collaboration with Andrew Church and Angie Heart from the University of Brighton. Special thanks goes to those who agreed to give their time to be interviewed for the study. The study was part of an ESRC-funded research project "Imagine." For further information about "Imagine," please consult the following website: .

A number of case studies were generated as part of this research. To read them please go to and tick the option UK Community Partner Network.

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