Guide to Including Young People in Virtual Meetings

Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent Youth Panel has created a guide to inclusion in virtual meetings. The Youth Panel hosted by programme partners, Greater Manchester Youth Network, are valued participants in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of our work. The Youth Panel members represent the programme beneficiaries, all of whom are aged 18-25 years old and face barriers to employment.

One of the ways that the Youth Panel can have the most influence is to speak directly to decision-makers at local employment working groups and meetings. During lockdown our Youth Panel members were invited to a number of virtual meetings to discuss youth employment issues with local and national decision makers. However, members found these meetings challenging and felt that they were at a disadvantage.  Things that may be second nature to professionals such as meeting etiquette, checking emails, preparing for meetings, understanding sector-related jargon, and having the confidence to speak in meetings – are not things that all young people are used to.

The Youth Panel created this guide to provide tips on how to include young people before and during virtual meetings.

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