Older People and Financial Security policy paper

Older People and Financial Security summarises a number of policy areas on the topic. One that is wide-ranging and complex.

This document was preceeded by our shorter and more targeted briefing Alternatives to cash during COVID-19, published in April 2020.

The report summarises current thinking and research on the following topics:

  • Living in poverty as an older person
  • Benefits and entitlements
  • Impact of Covid-19 on pensions and retirement
  • Savings and debt 
  • Fraud and scams
  • Movement towards a cashless society
  • Women impacted by the rise in state pension age
  • Out of work
  • Caring responsibilities
  • The cost of health conditions and care needs
  • Housing
  • Financial abuse
  • Intergenerational financial exchanges
  • Using banks and the post office

Rather than drawing specific conclusions or recommendations, the paper provides a summary of the scope of key discussions and existing research on each topic to identify future actions.

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