Supportive Funding: Technical guidance on delivering a wraparound microfunding model

A small pot of money can generate change within neighbourhoods. With the right environment and support to provide guidance, mediation, and oversight, these changes can have a significant impact.

This practical guidance from GMCVO-led programme Ambition for Ageing provides you with a number of tried and tested models used to deliver supportive, wraparound microfunding for you to use as a resource when designing and delivering your own microfunding models.

This document showcases eight different approaches carried out by our local leads to help you start thinking about your own model. Each page features:

  • A complete diagram of each approach

  • Core staff and support needed for each model

  • An outline of each model’s structure

  • More information about each model

The technical guidance is part of a suite of documents that looks at the conditions needed to get microfunding right. The full report draws on our 5 years of delivering microfunding to highlight areas of success, note challenges and share learning for those who may want to implement similar practices. To read the full report alongside the technical guidance, please visit

The document is available to download below.

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