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GMCVO conducts original research about the Greater Manchester voluntary and community sector (VCS) in the widest sense. Research topics usually fit into two broad categories:

• The voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester
• Topics of relevance for the work of voluntary and community sector organisations in Greater Manchester

GMCVO research is grounded in practice associated with our in-house expertise in key areas of VCS activity:

• Transport • Health • Volunteering • VCS infrastructure • Learning and skills • Equalities and diversity

GMCVO research aims to build the knowledge base about the voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester, both to inform its own work and that of other sector-based infrastructure agencies, as well as to support representing the sector to the policy community in the sub-region.

GMCVO primarily conducts qualitative research but past work has also included small-scale quantitative research. Because the voluntary and community sector is a social phenomenon, GMCVO research can be classed as social research. However, some of GMCVO’s research is also market research in the sense that it gathers data about the needs of voluntary and community sector bodies in Greater Manchester.

Most research projects will comprise more than one method. Common methods GMCVO research has employed are:

• Semi-structured and structured interviews
• Participant observation
• Focus groups
• Questionnaires
• Literature review
• Mapping 

Examples of past research can be seen by clicking here.

Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network
To facilitate information exchange and peer support among those researching the voluntary sector in Greater Manchester, GMCVO hosts regular meetings for voluntary sector researchers. These meetings are aimed at bringing researchers based within the voluntary sector together with academics whose main area of interest is the voluntary sector. For further details of the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network click here.

For further information abouth GMCVO research, please contact Susanne Martikke, Researcher, GMCVO.
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