Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Smokefree Summer and Smokefree Spaces

Smokefree Summer is a campaign which is taking place across Greater Manchester (GM) during July and August. This campaign will see the Making Smoking History in Greater Manchester (MGHiGM) team supporting family-friendly events across GM to go smokefree.

The campaign represents an opportunity for people to experience temporary smokefree outdoor spaces in a positive context. Experiencing smokefree spaces helps to normalise smokefree environments. The ‘Smokefree Summer’ campaign will help to maintain and build the momentum for a wider social movement of normalise smokefree public places. Ultimately, reducing the visibility of smoking will help to support quit attempts in adults and discourage children and young people from starting.

Smokefree events and Smokefree Summer have been running in some areas over the past few years and the MGHiGM team are now looking to extend those opportunities.

If you are running any events this summer, please think about making your event a ‘smoke free’ one; experiencing smoke free events helps to normalise smoke free spaces, providing positive role modelling for children and supporting a ‘clean air’ environment.

For further information about the campaign or to access a toolkit which will help you run your event with smokefree spaces and materials e.g. flags, pop-up banners, bio-degradable balloons , please contact: Making Smoking History in Greater Manchester (MSHiGM) Team at the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care (GMHSC) Partnership via or 07870 997 323