Support to improve your marketing efforts

Would you like to ensure that your marketing efforts are well thought through, targetted and effective?

We know that your time and money are precious, so you don't have unlimited resources to divert to marketing to realise later that you got it wrong.

A good marketing strategy and plan will help you reach more of the right kind of people with the right messages so they take the action you want them to take. This might be to buy your product or service, to access your services or facilities, or to donate time or money.

There are a number of how to guides out there to help you write your own marketing strategy, here are the elements we believe should be in a good stategy:

  • Market analysis - how big is your market, what opportunities does it offer?

  • Competitor analysis - who are your competitors and how do you compare with them?

  • Customer analysis - who are your customers and why do you appeal to them?

  • Target market/s - what segments of the market are you going to target? What unique characteristics do they have?

  • Marketing objectives - what goals do you want to achieve with your marketing efforts?

  • Key messages - what do you want your target audiences to know and do?

  • Marketing channels - what are the best communications mediums to use to reach your audiences?

  • Action/delivery plan - what actions do you need to undertake to deliver your marketing objectives?

  • Content plan - what kind of content should you share to meet your objectives?

  • Evaluation/measurement - what metrics will help you understand if your marketing is working?

Below are couple of other helpful resources produced specifically for VCSE organisations;

Charity Comms - How to write a charity marketing strategy

Sector 3 - Creating a Marketing Strategy and Comms Plan (webinar)

We can help

If you don't have the staff, the capacity or the confidence to develop a marketing strategy yourself, we can help.

We can work with you to better understand your market, your target audiences and your channels. We can help you clarify your objectives, key messages and plan your activities and content, and we can advise you how you can measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

Whether you are a fledgling organisation starting from scratch with your marketing, or you have an old marketing strategy that you'd like to dust off and review/refresh elements of - or anywhere in between, our experienced staff can tailor the level of support to suit you.

If you require marketing support not listed above (e.g. website development, graphic design, video production etc) then we can also refer you to other Greater Manchester based social enterprises who can help.

If you'd like a no obligation chat about what support from GMCVO you might benefit from, please email

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