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Building Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester – evidence from the AFA programme

 GMCVO-led Ambition for Ageing has found out what makes an age-friendly neighbourhood in Greater Manchester from over 3,000 older people.

Still Hidden: A deeper look at hidden young people and how best to support them toward employment

Building on the learning from 2017's Hidden report, Still Hidden delves deeper into hidden young people’s living circumstanc

Resilience in an Ageing Greater Manchester

This report, released by GMCVO-led project Ambition for Ageing lookis at the needs of older people in resilience planning.

Evaluating Lead the Change: Impact & Learning report - UnLtd

This report provides an overview of the findings from UnLtd's evaluation of the Lead the Change programme, which GMCVO delivered as one of UnLtd's partners. 

Age-friendly communities in practice - a portfolio of good practice in age-friendliness across GM

In this portfolio you will find 30 examples of a wide range of initiatives, large and small, that are making very real, and very big, differences to GM residents’ day to day lives.

Community Media for Greater Manchester: An Ambition for Connected Later Life

In conjunction with London based CIC, Social Spider, Ambition for Ageing has just published a report looking at how community media works and its potential f

Ambition for Ageing latest report: Social Isolation and Older Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic People in Greater Manchester

Ambition for Ageing's latest report calls for more research into the experiences of older Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people in Greater Manchester in order to tackle social isolation.

Asset-based Approaches and Inequalities

Ambition for Ageing has released a briefing titled Asset-based Approaches and Inequalities, looking at the risks of exacerbating inequalities that we know asset-based approaches can result in.

Accord between Mayor and GM Combined Authority and the VCSE Sector

An Accord between the Mayor and GM Combined Authority and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Social Capital - an Overview

This briefing is the output of the first phase of a GMCVO joint project with the University of Manchester about the role of local organisations in facilitating social capital.

Greater Manchester State of the VCSE Sector 2017

This report, commissioned by GMCVO and 10GM, provides an up-to-date snapshot of the VCSE sector across the city region and illustrates what has and has not cha

Hidden: Who are ‘hidden’ young people and why are they not engaging with welfare support?

Up to half of unemployed young people in Greater Manchester are missing out on valuable support in finding work due to being ‘hidden’

MoU between GM Heath and Social Care Partnership and VCSE

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership Board and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector.

Submission to RSA Inclusive Economic Growth Commission

GMCVO's response to the RSA Inclusive Economic Growth Commission's 'Emerging Findings' report.

Manifesto for a new relationship between the GM VCSE sector and the GM Mayor

A manifesto has been developed in collaboration with other VCSE leadership organisations and networks in Greater Manchester.

Taking Charge Together: Final report on VCSE and Healthwatch organisations’ Community Engagement Strand

Findings from a research project which involved over 130 ‘conversations’ on health and social care devolution with hard-to-reach groups in Greater Manchester.

Skills for Change: A Research Report about VCSE Skills Needs

Skills for Change is the product of joint research conducted by GMCVO researcher Susanne Martikke and Noemi Sinkovics from Manchester Business School in 2015.

Big Conversation Evaluation 2015

An evaluation of the Greater Manchester Talent Match 'Big Conversation' which took place in December 2015.

Greater than the sum of its parts: What works in sustaining community-university partnerships

This research report uses data from interviews with members of more than 20 community university partnerships (CUPs) to examine the key features of CUPs, identify how the partners learn from each o

Delivering Change: testing a new approach to selective investment in local voluntary organisations

A report on a pilot programme carried out by Greater Manchester Probation Trust and GMCVO which tested a new approach to commissioning, with the objective of increasing the support available in the

What the local voluntary sector needs from a new Government

This GMCVO paper is intended to help frame and trigger discussions with those developing policy within the main political parties in the run-up to the general election in 2015.

Greater Manchester Strategy 2013-20: GMCVO response to consultation

GMCVO's response to the consultation on the revised Greater Manchester Strategy, which sets the framework within which economic policy is developed for the city region.

Greater Manchester State of the Voluntary Sector 2013

This research report, commissioned by GMCVO and others, provides data on the social and economic impact of the voluntary sector in Greater Manchester.

Measuring Child Poverty

GMCVO's response to the Government's proposal for multi-dimensional poverty measures argues that they do not provide a more effective way of measuring child poverty.

Transforming Rehabilitation

GMCVO's response to the Government's proposals to reform the delivery of offender services in the community.

Extreme poverty in Greater Manchester: Research report and recommendations

In January 2013 the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission (GMPC) published its report and recommendations for action to assist Greater Manchester residents who experience the

From Poverty to Financial Inclusion

A report on a cross-sector meeting in Oldham to share ideas on reducing the impact of poverty on individuals and families, and to support community action towards building financial inclusion.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cuts

Findings from a GMCVO survey on the impact of spending cuts on communities across Greater Manchester.

2011 Census

A brief overview of initial statistics presented at a New Economy briefing held on 16th August 2012

Understanding the capacity of voluntary sector organisations to engage with public sector proposals within the remit of criminal justice

Summary of research which aimed to explore some of the key themes and issues for the voluntary sector arising from the Government’s plans to open up public service delivery.

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