Strategic Review Project Manager

Contract Type: Consultant
Role Type: Consultant
Location: Manchester (currently from home)
Number of Hours: 0
Salary Details: £8,000
The environment in which GMCVO operates has changed. A crisis accelerates change and the events we’ve all lived through in the last 12 months have removed old certainties, creating new necessities and increasing inequalities. Further instability in the environment is expected. This will see different priorities and possibilities emerge over time. Funding is scarce and we cannot assume that we will continue to receive core funding from GMCA, which has enabled us to leverage all our other work in the past. In addition, wider shifts in the operating environment will create significant changes in what we should prioritise in order to fulfil our charitable aims, as well as what can be practically delivered.

A more fundamental change to our work is needed than just to identify new means of funding. We have undertaken reviews of our work before but our board and senior leadership recognise a need to review the organisation and its direction much more radically in the current situation.

We are resourced to be able to continue to play a role in Greater Manchester for at least the next financial year, and have a number of ongoing programmes of work running, so we wish to take the time to think and consult actively about our future. We have to look at which practical functions are now viable and needed at a Greater Manchester level. We recognise this will need new partnerships, a new vision and new leadership. We are open to a wide range of future partnerships, including merger, if this is in the best interest of the communities of Greater Manchester.

We’re keen to work with our own staff, and our many members and wider stakeholders to understand what kind of organisation GMCVO should become. Should we find that there is no longer a viable role for the organisation, it’s important we manage a good transition for services and staff.

In order to help us with this we seek a consultant to support us to plan this process, help structure activities and provide us with independent advice as we proceed. We are looking for someone who can support and organise us as a team, provide us with new ideas to pursue, and challenge our assumptions.

We would like someone to work with us initially over a period of 3 or 4 months, starting as soon as possible. We have a budget of £8,000 (including VAT if payable). The appointee would work closely with the existing management team and board of trustees, attending internal meetings as necessary, and will have access to relevant internal documents. We would expect to agree details of the project brief with the appointee.

Skills needed
• Project planning and management
• Change management
• Business development
• Facilitation

It is not necessary to be knowledgeable about the VCSE sector, but understanding of the Greater Manchester context and the nature of SMEs generally is important. For more information about GMCVO please refer to our website and in particular our latest annual review.

Please email your expression of interest to by noon on Thursday 28th January 2021. Interviews will be held on the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd February.

Please include:
• Details of previous relevant experience
• Proposed approach including budget and start date
• Who exactly will be working with us, with CV(s)
Closing Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021

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